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How My Husband Acts After Mommy Makeover Surgery

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My husband’s an octopus. He’s all just…his arms are just going. Now, you know, it feels great. He loves it. He loves the confidence and he, you know, he says that he loves that that I can show that I’m sexy now. You know, where before, like you all said…he never complained or once said, oh you know, loose weight or anything. A matter of fact he said he was happy with just who I was. But now he says, “Wow, I just love how you just march into a room, put your hand on your hip and that booty! I just love the way you march in there, he said, “I get turned on every time I see you do that.” It’s just great. It’s great. It’s a good feeling.

If You Have Regrets About a Breast Augmentation, Wait Five Days

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I read about the boobie blues. When you get breast implants and some people, kind of like, freak out and think, like, “I don’t want this. I want them out.” I’m like, “That’s super weird, I’m totally not going to do that because I want this really badly.” But I did. I woke up one day and I was like, I don’t know maybe what 3-4 days into it and I was like, “Oh my God, what did I just do to myself?” And I totally panicked, freaked out, like thought everything was like wrong. And things were still, they haven’t settled yet. I remember I was like hysterically crying and I called Dr. Schlesinger and he’s like, “Hey, your fine. Gina, this is what you wanted but just give me a week. Give me 7 days. You still want them out, we’ll talk about it.” And I’m like, “I want them out now!” He’s like, “Give me 7 days.” 7 days later I’m like, “Hey doc, what’s going on?” Like totally different person. And it did pass but it was a real thing. And when it happened to me it made me realize, like, other people do go through these things that, you know, you think is very strange to you or me or whoever. There are other people and it is nice to have us to talk about it like and have that online community or physical community to be able to discuss it.

Dr Schlesinger QA Round vs Shaped Breast Implants

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I’m Larry Schlesinger and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m often asked why we use round implants as opposed to the anatomic or tear-drop implants.

The pectoralis muscle pushes on the top of the implant, leaving the bottom to bulge where the pectoralis muscle is not in place and therefore, I see no reason for using tear-drop implants. The round implants do everything that the tear-drops do with a great deal more safety.

Unfortunately, the tear-drop implants rotate. And although they’re textured, they rotate more than they should, number one. Number two, textured implants are really on the outs right now because of the potential dangers associated with them.

Why I Put Breast Implants in Through an Armpit Incision

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Hi, I’m Larry Schlesinger and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. Very often, people ask why I put my implants in through the armpit. First of all, very honestly, you have to go underneath the pectoralis muscle which almost everyone does. When I go through the armpit, I’m grabbing right now my pectoralis muscle’s on top so you’re under the pectoralis muscle the minute you make the incision in the armpit. Secondly, no one, not even your mother has ever intentionally looked in your armpits. And thirdly, it’s very thin skin and the thinner the skin the finer the scar. So, as far as I’m concerned, armpits are the only way to go for a PRIMARY breast aug. I’m Larry Schlesinger, thank you very much.

Breast Implants Under The Muscle vs Over

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Hi, I’m Larry Schlesinger, and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii and people wonder why I go underneath the pectoralis muscle to put my implants. It’s pretty simple. Number one, the pectoralis covers the upper portion of the implant and there’s a triangle from the collar bone down to the implant and if the implant is not underneath it, then your skin goes down and then it comes out like this. So because of that, underneath is a much more anatomically attractive looking breast. Number two, all the studies have shown that going underneath the muscle, there’s less chance of hard breasts, and number three, as you get older, your mammographers will congratulate you for going to a good plastic surgeon because underneath the muscle is much easier for the mammographers to identify the tissue because you’ve got the implant, the pectoralis muscle, and then your breast, so there’s an obvious distinction between an implant and breast tissue. I’m Larry Schlesinger from Honolulu, Hawaii, thank you very much.

Blepharoplasty – GRAPHIC Upper Eyelid Surgery Video

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Upper eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is when skin, muscle and sometimes fat is removed from the eyelid. Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger, a board certified plastic surgeon in Honolulu, Hawaii, invites us into the operating room to demonstrate this common surgery and what it’s really like.
So, today we are going to be doing an upper lid blepharoplasty and one of the things that we’ve noticed that everybody has known for a long time is that there’s a big eye and a small eye and the reason for that is usually the orbits are not symmetrical therefore the eyes, the eyelids etcetera are not symmetrical. And this young lady she has a highbrow and a lowbrow.
The distance from her eyelashes to the double break is normally in Caucasians ten millimeters, so that’s almost eleven there. And medially over towards the nose, take as much skin as you need but don’t take any extra skin because this tends to not have a lot of extra skin. And then laterally, since it hangs down lower laterally, we take a little extra skin more than we would medially.

Ok, now we’re going to inject with xylocaine with epinephrine 1-200,000. We have a great anesthesiologist in the room so she feels none of this, she’s fast asleep. So, we’re supposed to give about ten minutes for the epinephrine to take effect.

And we’re going to be taking out skin and some orbicularis muscle, that muscle that closes the eyelid. And because we’re taking out some and we’re paralyzing it initially as we do the surgery it won’t close very well and then it’s going to start closing better and better.

This is the time back in the day when the surgeon would go out and smoke a cigar or a cigarette to allow the epinephrine to start working. We now know that cigars and cigarettes are not good for you and furthermore my wife would kill me if I did that so, I don’t smoke. So we just wait.

Good right there. We put a little tension on it, then we cut along the blue line we have marked. More pull. Now we’re taking off the upper eyelid skin and since the muscle in fact and the skin come from the same element, when we’re taking off skin we also take off some muscle. Not all of it but some of it since it’s the same element and ultimately you need some to close it but not a ton…there we go.

So, what we’ve done on this side is remove the excess upper eyelid skin very carefully. Now we’re hyphercating right along the break. Some people take out all this muscle, some people just take out some of the muscle but if you hyphercate right along the edge here what you can get is really good indentation at the double break. It gives you a more defined double break. Ok, so that’s one.

Now we’ll take the excess tissue from this upper eyelid. Notice her eye opened up more because we paralyzed the muscle that closes the eyelid. Ok, pull that down. Again we’re taking all the skin and some of the muscle with us. Again, this is the muscle that surrounds the eye both upper and lower called the orbicularis oculi muscle. Again, we are hyphercating or burning with a hot electrical instrument which then stops bleeding. It also improves our crease. Right here the crease in the eye is called the double break.

So, there are three compartments for fat in the lower lid but only two in the upper lid. One here and one here. And pre-operatively we pushed on this and we found there was not enough fat to make it useful to take it out. We used to take out fat from the middle compartment but we found when we did that, unfortunately, it led to a hollowing of the eye. So, we don’t take out as much fat as we used to.

Alright, now that we’ve got the skin and muscle out we’re not going to remove any fat. Now we just sew it up. We sew it in two layers, we sew a running in a dermal layer that kind of lines things up and then we sew it with an interrupted layer that does a fine tuning of the skin. We’ll even tack the tissue that elevates the skin. I can prove it by doing this so that shows that the levator palpebrae superiorous is not affected by what we’ve done.

And now we put some interrupted stitches as needed along the suture line to just make the skin match evenly. And the eye looks very open right now. And back in the day, the nurses used to ask if the eye would ever close and the answer is yes because we measured it very carefully. And so we know exactly how much to take out. One side down, one to go.

Boy, this young lady has beautiful eyes and now we’ve uncovered them. They’re green, a pretty shade of green. And now we’re able to see them better because the excess skin on the eyelid is gone. Now we’ll pull this just a little bit to prove to ourselves that it will pull through which it did. Ok, take the hemostat off. That lays down better.

Why We Recommend Allergan Implants For All Breast Augmentation

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Hi, I’m Larry Schlesinger, and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. And people often ask me why I use Allergan implants as opposed to the other two implants that are FDA-approved in the United States. And the answer is pretty simple. It’s a better product. They have a brand new series of implants, all the way from much less chance of rippling – Inspira implants all the way up to Inspira gummy bear which is a completely different implant and is a semi-solid and not a liquid. So there are excellent implants it’s an excellent company and what the heck, you get a free Botox treatment whenever you buy the implants. That’s why I use Allergan. I’m Larry Schlesinger from Honolulu, Hawaii, thanks.

Tips for Women Who Are Getting A Mommy Makeover

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Alayna is the mother of three children whose husband is in the military. So when she scheduled her surgery, she also made some important plans for a successful recovery. Here are her tips.

I know we talked about like recovery and stuff and there was one thing that I did want to add that I feel like was like a tip or whatever. If you are gonna have your husband staying home, oh especially in my case because my husband can’t cook, so I made tons and tons and tons of freezer meals because I wanted to make sure that my kids didn’t starve to death or eat McDonalds every single day. So, it was like one thing that I did do is I took two whole days just preparing breakfast lunch and dinner and just freezing everything. And I wrote like Sharpie like directions like for how the crockpot, I had to show him how to use the crockpot! Show him how to preheat the oven. Like this is like serious stuff. And so that was one thing and then the second thing is that after after the um tummy tuck, you know I knew it was going to be really difficult for me to take a shower and I couldn’t take a bath, and our shower is really small in our, our housing. So, I actually got one of the chairs for like handicap people. So, I got one of the shower chairs and I sat and it was actually nice I could just let the water run on me and stuff and it was actually like the most relaxing part like the first like week was getting out of the corset and being able to just sit and let the water like run on me.

Alayna Asks if The Ultimate Silhouettplasty™ is Worth It?

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Alayna: Do you feel like it made a big difference going from the first, cause right now I’m just like, how does it get better than what he’s already done? Because I’m like, “Wow, what a drastic change”, you know from looking at my before picture. I’m just like, I don’t remember being that girl and it’s only been two months. You know, like physically, and um I don’t see how he can make it better because I’m already like, “This is the bomb!” You know?

Others: I thought the exact same thing, but he does. He, he yes. It’s worth it? Oh my, yes! Yes! The second part’s worth it? Yes! It’s so worth it. Absolutely.

Sara: Well for me where he put the scar in, you know, you got where it kind of sticks up a little bit on either side. He definitely went in and smoothed that all out. I mean my scar is so minimal now. I mean it’s starting to fade out now where before it kind of poked up all the way around. He just smooths, I mean everything he does. If there is anything there, any mess, this is that moment where you’re going to get that finesse part and uh, you’re gonna be strong and it’s not bad at all. I mean I, it was tender on the skin you know, but just wear the garment he gives you and you’ll be fine.

Alayna: But nothing like the first time?

Others: No, you’ll be up you know you’ll feel more because your up and your doing things. You’re feeding the kids, your cooking dinner, before you were like…hunched over. No, you’re gonna be fine. Yes, you will feel it because you’re gonna be bumping into things and your gonna be kids are gonna grab you things like that but, you know, you’re gonna be fine.

Why Smooth Breast Implants Over Textured

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Video transcript:

I’m Larry Schlesinger and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m often asked why we use smooth implants as opposed to textured.

Textured implants are supposed to stay softer. In my experience, they don’t. Smooth implants have as good a track record as textured if not better and textured unfortunately feels firmer from the beginning and there is a very rare but real cancer associated with textured implants. It’s only about 300 cases out of probably 30 million breast augmentations but for those people, it’s 100 percent. Therefore, we do not use textured implants nor are we ever going to use textured implants because of both their lack of staying soft and also the potential dangers. I’m Larry Schlesinger, thank you very much.

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