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Featured Employee

The Featured Employee This Month is:

Jereanne Raza, RN


Jereanne is our office’s Nurse Consultant. Patients’ interests and aspirations are paramount to her as she strives to help the team excel in patient care. She is grateful to work with such a cohesive team and believes patient satisfaction is so high not only because Dr. Schlesinger has mastered phenomenal technique, but also because the team works flawlessly together. She is an experienced critical care nurse with an affinity to the art of plastic surgery. Prior to joining the team, she served active duty in the U.S. Air Force as charge nurse revising multiple medical group programs, training members on new protocols, and impacting patient outcomes at bedside. She has also deployed to Afghanistan. In deployment, she led 3 mass casualty incidents fortifying a 98% battle injury survival rate. While not in patient care she is pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice- Family Nurse Practitioner degree and fulfilling her commitment in the Air Force Reserves. She looks forward to discovering more about the field of plastic surgery and helping patients’ dreams come true.


Jereanne is our Consultant Nurse. She advocates for positive body image and believes that it has direct correlation on high quality of life. Prior to joining our team, she distinguished herself by meritorious service as a Critical Care Nurse in the U.S. Air Force. She holds patients’ concerns and ambitions in the highest regard to exceed their expectations. She is excited to learn more about the field of plastic surgery and is always willing to assist patients in achieving their goals. She spends her free time relaxing with her husband, shopping, traveling, and finding great places to eat.

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