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Male Breast Reduction (Man Boob) Surgery Video

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Watch this in-depth procedure to remove fat and gland from a young man’s chest.

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger, a board certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii, invites us into the operating room to see an actual male breast reduction surgery. From liposuction to gland removal, he explains the procedure and why he does what he does.

Gynecomastia (Remove Man Boobs) Surgery Demo

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Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger is a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Oahu and Kona, Hawaii. Because of the beautiful weather, he often treats men suffering from gynecomastia, or “man boobs”. Man boobs are a combination of fat and gland. It can be caused by genetics and/or other reasons like overuse of steroids, marjuana, and more.

In this demo video, Dr. Schlesinger invites us into a real operation to highlight the key steps to a safe and successful male breast reduction procedure.

Reasons for Women To Get Breast Augmentation Revisions

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Video Transcript:
Hi, I’m Larry Schlesinger and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. And today’s question is “What are the reasons for breast implant revision?” The obvious answer is not having exactly what the patient was hoping for. So, the implant could be too big or too small. It could be malpositioned like implant fallout or where it falls to the side. It could be above the muscle when they really wanted that below-the-muscle look. The implant could be tear dropped and the tear drop implants; I don’t care what anybody says, they rotate. I know that because I put them in and I’ve taken them out. For any other number of reasons but the bottom line is if the implants don’t look like the patient anticipated, very often this leads to a revision. So, what’s very important in the preoperative discussion with the patient, at least what I do, and as far as I know, what most plastic surgeons do, is try and give an explanation of everything about that patient’s breasts which could then lead to them not getting what they were hoping for. Everything you tell a patient beforehand is an explanation. Everything you tell somebody afterward is an excuse. I’ve had plastic surgery. I prefer explanations to excuses. I’m Larry Schlesinger, a board certified plastic surgeon from Honolulu, Hawaii. Thank you very much.

The RealSelf 100

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“RealSelf is the largest online destination to get informed about elective cosmetic procedures and to find the right doctor or clinic. More than 9 million people visit RealSelf each month to find out which treatments and providers live up to their promise of being “Worth It.” RealSelf is powered by unbiased experiences shared by consumers for hundreds of treatments, ranging from simple skincare to highly considered cosmetic surgery. Offering millions of photos and medical expert answers, RealSelf has become the essential resource and service for those seeking to find the right doctor or clinic.”

“In 2016, more than 82 million people visited RealSelf to research cosmetic treatments and connect with local medical professionals. The RealSelf 100 Award, now in its seventh year, honors the top rated and most engaged board-certified aesthetic doctors who consistently demonstrated a commitment to patient education and positive patient outcomes throughout 2016. This elite group of 100 doctors have excelled at sharing their expertise, free of charge, with tens of millions of RealSelf community members actively searching for information and the right provider, and together contributed 25 percent of the half a million total answers posted on RealSelf in 2016.

The RealSelf 100 award is based on three criteria: the quantity and quality of patient reviews, engagement with the RealSelf community via questions and answers, and the sharing of before and after treatment photos.”

To view all 100 Top Influencers in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine visit:

To learn more about RealSelf visit:

Or to view S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS RealSelf profile visit:

Two Surprises During Tricia’s Mommy Makeover

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Tricia shares two surprises she had during her mommy makeover experience. Sometimes Dr. Schlesinger needs to make changes for the safety of the patient. And although he always says you can either have perky boobs or full boobs, but not both, he is sometimes wrong.

8 Months After Mommy Makeover Surgery

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Tricia explains her procedures, how she is living her life today, and what people say about her results.

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